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2018 Nomination Deadline | May 15th, 2018


How to Apply for The RABEF ETHIE Award

The deadline for the 2017 Award was May 15th, 2017

The ETHIE Award is an annual program that recognizes the Rochester region’s organizations that exemplify high standards of ethical behavior in their everyday business practices, and in response to crises or challenges.

The ETHIE has grown to be one of the premier awards in the region, and is an invaluable tool to recognize companies that strive to implement ethical principles in business. RABEF established the ETHIE Award in 2003, and to date, more than 100 companies have participated in the application process, leading to 53 finalists and 29 recipients.

The ETHIE is modeled on the American Business Ethics Award (ABEA), which was founded in 1994 by the National Society of Financial Service Professionals. In fact, several of Rochester’s award recipients have gone on to participate and win national recognition in the ABEA competition.

Public business, private businesses, and nonprofit organizations are eligible for nomination. Due to our Foundation’s structure and support, financial service companies (a bank, accounting firm, law, insurance, brokerage, investment, or financial planning firm) are not eligible for nomination for the ETHIE Award.

Organizations are nominated by category based on number of employees:

  • Large (more than 150 employees)
  • Midsized (51-150 employees)
  • Small (50 or fewer employees, but at least five full-time employees)

To enter the ETHIE Award competition, please complete the following questionnaire with the information requested.

The space allowed for the answers and information requested is purposely limited, so be concise. The judges panel is not looking for the volume, but rather for the quality of information.

When crafting responses to the questions, please keep in mind that business ethics is difficult to define. Obeying the law, meeting the standards of compliance for your organization, or treating people fairly are all expected behaviors, but are not examples of business ethics. How your organization upholds a right standard of conduct is the message the judges panel seeks to understand.

Nearly all of the entrants over the years have noted that the application process has been extremely helpful in creating a sound internal business ethics program and a useful document that will serve the organization in the coming years.

Again, the responses must be carefully crafted to fit the space allowed, so take your time.

For any questions or clarifications on this process, contact the ETHIE Award Process Committee at the RABEF offices (585) 383-1060 or the ETHIE Award Process Committee Chair Kara Martin at (585) 704-6381.

Before you begin…

We are pleased you are considering applying for the ETHIE Award. Before you start the application process we encourage you to review these additional resources to help your organization assess its current ethics program and culture, and your readiness to apply for this award:

  • How to build an ethical culture: As you begin to formulate the ethical program that will drive the culture at your business, this template gives you a guide of the potential components for that program.
  • Ethical guidance articles and readings on our website.

We will ask you for contact and address information for your organization, as well as four questions about Ethics on the following online form. While our online entry system does have a “save and return” feature that allows partially completed information after you begin entering your answers, we recommend that you first prepare your entry in Microsoft Word or an equivalent word processing program document. This will allow you to carefully craft and refine your answers, maintain a record of your entry internally, and then simply cut and paste your answers into the form when you are ready with your final answers.

Should you have any questions or require assistance with the entry process please contact us so we can assist you.  Each question should be answered in 250 words or less. This is another reason we suggest completing the entire application in Word or an equivalent word processing program as these programs track word count.

Here are the questions:

Section One: Commitment to Business Ethics by the Organization Leader (President, CEO, Senior Partner, General Manager, etc.)
Please describe how the organization leader demonstrates his or her commitment to the principles of sound business ethics and how this commitment is passed down to employees. Provide at least two examples. (250 words to answer question, then 250 additional words for each example)

Section Two: Organization Ethics Program
Please discuss what the organization does in practice to support this ethical commitment. How is this ethical commitment communicated to the employees? How is the understanding and acceptance of these principles within the organization evidenced? Provide at least two examples. (250 words to answer question, then 250 additional words for each example)

Section Three: Addressing Ethical Challenges
Please describe how the organization deals with or has dealt with ethical challenges faced in the past. Discuss any unique ethical challenges for organizations in the industry you serve. Provide at least two examples. (250 words to answer question, then 250 additional words for each example)

Section Four: Demonstration of Organization’s Ethical Commitment to Stakeholders (Customers, Employees, Vendors, Shareholders, the community, etc.)
Please describe your organizations efforts to show this ethical commitment in your dealings with all of the stakeholders with whom you interact. Provide at least two examples. (250 words to answer question, then 250 additional words for each example)

Are you ready to complete the form?

Application Form

Application Form