The EthicsPoll™ initiative, announced during our 10th Anniversary Honor Roll event in 2012, is a scientifically designed and professionally produced resource from Pittsford consulting firm Priority Thinking. The EthicsPoll enables area companies and organizations to survey and gauge the level of their own ethical cultures and performances, and to benchmark those scores with similar-sized companies.

This method of self-evaluation is part of the RABEF commitment to deliver an ethics toolkit to the Rochester business community. Measuring ethical performance with the EthicsPoll is a pathway to increased profit and employee stability.

EthicsPoll is created and offered to the RABEF community in conjunction with Priority Thinking, a Pittsford-based consulting firm. Following are several articles demonstrating the EthicsPoll process, including an online polling feature.

  Are You a Snitch?
  Is it Possible to Make Too Much Money?
  Too Much Transparency?
  How Ethically Fit Are You?
  What is Business Ethics?