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2013 Scholarship Recipient Essay –
Jacquie Cowley

Integrity is not something that can be copied or done half-heartedly; it must be built and added to, and it is not a characteristic that ever can be left on the sidelines because time seems to be crunching in. Integrity never leaves; it is a characteristic that must stick in every activity one pursues. As for me, I know that integrity is one of the most important characteristics in everything I pursue, and it remains on the forefront of how I want to be portrayed.

Throughout my college career at St. John Fisher College, I have become involved in activities that will allow me to demonstrate the key qualities needed in order to lead a successful career in accounting, while still acting as a role model for others. I chose a career where integrity is one of the main principles that must be abided, and others will depend on me to relay information accurately. Furthermore, at St. John Fisher, I have chosen to become an active leader as a student liaison for Beta Gamma Sigma, a networking captain for Teddi Committee, and the Accounting Chair. These positions have further instilled the qualities of ethics and integrity that I have been learning since I was a child.

First, I am on the Teddi Committee, specifically the networking subcommittee. This is the first organization I joined while attending St. John Fisher. My role is to coordinate events with faculty and staff to encourage their involvement within student affairs and to gain more participation for such an incredible community organization like Camp Good Days and Special Times. No experience is more rewarding than knowing you’re making a difference, whether it is through community service or making a change in a student organization. I have been built as a leader, as I became President of a student run community service organization from a sophomore in high school through a senior in high school, where I raised money and held clothing and food drives for children in poverty in America. Therefore, I started volunteering at Camp Good Days and Special Times before I even know what the Teddi Dance for Love was, as I began volunteering as a camp counselor as a junior in high school. Therefore, as soon as I came to Fisher, I knew I wanted to get involved immediately. Teddi allows one to realize how important every moment we are granted. It further instills the elements of integrity and reliability.

Once I joined Teddi, joining organizations became contagious. Soon after, I joined Accounting Club. After one year as a member, then I became the Chair, where I will be representing the students who commit to this organization. These students will depend on me to bring in professionals will can help make a positive impact on their future and aim them in the right career path. In addition, after I joined Accounting Club, I became an accounting tutor while still working two other jobs, and soon after decided to do various intramural teams. I was a role model and a resource for other students. Everything I did mattered, and I wanted to make sure I was representing one of Fisher’s top principles of integrity.

At the end of last year, I was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma. Beta Gamma Sigma is an honor that not many students attain while they’re in college; therefore, the liaison position is an extreme honor to receive. I will be representing the students who have put in great efforts to achieve the honor of being named within the top 10% of the business school. Within this position, I will be networking with outside professionals in the business field and spending a day giving back to the community of adolescent education. Furthermore, this position allows me to attend a Leadership Form in Tampa, FL, where I can build relationships with students and future professionals from all over the country. This will further allow me to spread this information and experience I learn to others within our community. These networking opportunities are a great way to connect, ask questions, feel involved, and know each student is making a difference in their future. As the Beta Gama Sigma liaison, I find it to be a true honor to represent such incredible, driven students from St. John Fisher College. I strive to instill energy, drive, and passion within our members. Lastly, I encourage them to be an active participant, not just through their time at Fisher, but even beyond the date of graduation. As students, we are members of Beta Gamma Sigma for life; therefore, I will help represent and strengthen Beta Gamma Sigma at St. John Fisher College no matter where my career brings me in the future.

In addition, this past summer I was chosen as an accounting intern for a Commercial Trucking Software Company. At the internship, I have a crucial role in recording information accurately for the company. In addition, I have deadlines on projects I must complete. I am relied on to complete a great deal of work and depended on to begin projects on my own. I enjoy learning something new every day and being able to add value to the organization with my own knowledge from my academic career and my moral behavior.

I am an extremely energetic person, willing and looking to try and improve myself in any way possible, and I enjoy meeting and talking with people. I find myself to be earnest in any way possible, and I call myself a busybody because I thrive off of always being busy, and the rewards that come from this are incredible. This summer I attended a leadership conference in Chicago, Illinois for PricewaterhouseCoopers, and this opportunity allowed me to start off the year with even more confidence that I have the leadership abilities to start the year strong with all of my leadership roles. In addition, I feel that the conference in Florida will even further these abilities and allow me to excel even further as role model and a leader. Even though I am involved in so many activities and an accounting major, I still maintain a GPA of a 3.93, and I always know how to prioritize and plan my time accordingly. I want to make students excited and feel proud to give back to the community and give as much honesty and integrity as possible. Not only do I need to make sure I am living up to the moral standards I set for myself in order to portray them to others and maintain a high GPA, but I need to work enough hours to pay for my own schooling. My parents only have one paycheck coming in each month; therefore, it is up to me to build my own future and be able to achieve the goals I set forth for myself. The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation Scholarship would truly help continue me into the path I am setting forth for myself. After I graduate St. John Fisher, I plan to move to Denver immediately after graduation and begin a 12 month tax intense program. In June of 2015, I will then have my Masters in Tax and will take the exam to become a CPA, while hopefully working for one of the Big Four public accounting firms.

Being an ethical person has never been a question for me. I have always chosen to make the decisions that will best reflect myself but, more importantly, will best reflect onto others. Community service and taking active roles to be a role model with an honest and truthful state of being have been the most important roles that I could take on. I truly enjoy being able to take part in such prestigious and obliging organizations, while knowing I will never question the person I was while achieving such high goals.