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2020 Application Deadline | May 31, 2020

High Standards of Ethics

Drive High Levels of Performance

RABEF works with companies, nonprofit organizations, and professional firms to promote ethical business practices and celebrates them by the annual awarding of the ETHIE, an award that honors organizations that have high ethical standards.


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Celebrating Ethical Cultures

For both students and business leaders, RABEF is your tookit for building ethical cultures.

Honoring and learning from the ETHIE recipients who create and upholdethical cultures in Rochester.

Improve your business. Experience pathways to learning, creating and supporting ethical cultures.

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Elevating Rochester’s community conversation about ethical business practices, while honoring more than 45 participants since 2003.

Latest Recipients

Receiving an ETHIE Award is a high honor. The entry process is rigorous and the judging by our independent seven-member panel is thorough and strenuous. The result is a group of companies who have blazed an ethical trail with their ethical cultures, thoroughly detailed during their ETHIE entry process.

2018 Recipient: BCCR
2018 Recipient: Ontario County