The Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation encourages community conversation around developing and maintaining good business ethics. We keep up to date on the broader conversation on business ethics, bringing you the relevant headlines from all media outlets.

In addition, RABEF maintains a role in the local conversation on ethics. Business Ethics is a monthly column written for the Rochester Business Journal by RABEF's own Jim Nortz, compliance director at Bausch & Lomb, a board member of the Ethics and Compliance Officers Association, and a member of the RABEF steering committee. These monthly columns are a highly-readable, current, thought-provoking look at business ethics for the small, family-owned business to the large, publicly traded corporation, and everything in between. These columns are made available with the permission of the Rochester Business Journal, a Platinum Sponsor of the Rochester Area Business Ethics Foundation.

Practical Ethics for Practical Managers is a RABEF-created series to address the highly relevant day-to-day activities of any business. For lively conversation on such issues as lying, office romance, sexual harassment, whistle-blowing, conflicts of interest and more, we encourage you to read and share with your team. Use these essays at any level - from meetings of shareholders, directors and senior management to the monthly and weekly meetings of individual divisions, departments and units. Download them, distribute them and make them a part of a discussion of ethics as a recurring item in your meeting agendas.  Special thanks to retired corporate attorney Dave Hoffberg, for providing us these valuable, and timeless, tools and insights.

RABEF’s belief is that when employees and managers begin to talk about ethics in business, talk turns into action and everyone benefits – your company, your customers and colleagues, your community. 

Please note that these columns and essays are for information and discussion purposes only and are not intended as legal advice.

Business Ethics Columns from the Rochester Business Journal

11/4/2016 The best way to eliminate nasty bosses is to manage yourself
9/2/2016 short primer on how to perform ethical espionage
8/5/2016 Efforts to foster diversity often create the opposite result
7/1/2016 Corporate policies aren't totally worthless--just mostly worthless
6/3/2016 Sanders' popularity suggests need for more conscious capitalism
5/6/2016 'Gilligan' illustrates issue of social pressure at work
4/1/2016 Five questions leaders should ask to ensure effective compliance
3/25/2016 RBJ Daily
3/18/2016 RBJ Daily
3/4/2016 Raise your game: Attend Triple Crown Leadership workshop
2/5/2016 Compliance and ethics training can and should be fun
12/4/2015 Optimize your firm's performance by building compliance highways
11/6/2015 Better listening and 'Yes, and' lead to good ideas
10/2/2015 Relationship triangle draws third party into perilous waters
10/2/2015 RBJ Daily
9/25/2015 RBJ Daily
9/4/2015 Seven steps to follow when investigating misconduct allegations
8/7/2015 Look for broader meaning in work to boost your motivation
8/7/2015 RBJ Daily
7/10/2015 RBJ Daily
7/3/2015 Company culture can affect employee attitudes about vacation
7/3/2015 Reliable systems are essential when evaluating risk
6/12/2015 RBJ DAILY
6/5/2015 Stay calm, even in the face of unjustified provocation
5/1/2015 Can your corporate value statement pass the Mafia test?
4/3/2015 Differentiation, connectedness and universal law of ethical leadership
3/20/2015 RBJ Daily
3/6/2015 What to do when social media raise red flags on a potential hire
3/6/2015 Be a 'conscious capitalist' to benefit others, self
2/6/2015 Good intentions alone are an insufficient driver
1/30/2015 Think deeply: A talented workforce is a big deal
1/9/2015 Start your new year off right--make workplace safety job one
12/5/2014 Optimize your success by being a purpose-driven organization
11/28/2014 Rochester Business Alliance welcomes new president Robert Duffy
11/7/2014 Have a plan ready in case your firm gets a knock on the door
10/3/2014 Risk appetite depends on your hunger and what's on the menu
9/26/2014 RBJ Daily
9/5/2014 A wonderful thing happened on the way to the courthouse
8/1/2014 Lower the finger of blame; consider all contributing factors
6/6/2014 Policies, procedures and other crimes against humanity
5/23/2014 Explore
5/2/2014 Your company must operationalize its values to reap the benefits
Mar. 2014   Do your part to foster ethical business practices in our area
Feb. 2014   When values are more than just words, excellence is self-reinforcing
Jan. 2014   Let's inspire one another with examples of professional excellence
Dec. 2013  An honest discussion about the merits of ethics in business
Nov. 2013   Bring your firm in line with federal compliance standards
Oct. 2013    Business ethics is far more than an abstract philosophical concept
Aug. 2013   Leaders must acknowledge the benefits of an ethical culture
July 2013   When you know the right thing to do, how do you get it done?
June 2013  Beware of those practicing voodoo business ethics
May 2013   Each of us has the power to put a dent in a corporation
April 2013  Replace seat-of-the-pants flying with a more systematic approach
Mar. 2013  Managers must keep a sharp eye out for gorillas in the room
Feb. 2013  Make four questions central to all major business decisions
Jan. 2013  Start out your year with a resolution to bring the 'C' word to work
Dec. 2012  Businesspeople could benefit from being more like scientists
Nov. 2012  Study shows culture of business integrity drives business performance
Oct. 2012   Welcome to the wild and untamed world of human dishonesty
Sept. 2012  Helping employees feel more secure in an insecure world
Aug. 2012  The basics of compliance training: Some assembly required
July 2012   Often there is much more to the story than meets the eye
June 2012  A note to those who think business ethics is bad business
May 2012   Discipline yourself to avoid stumbling into a life of crime
April 2012   To motivate employees, use both market and social norms
Jan. 2012   Visiting expert helps local educators give voice to values
Nov. 2011   Playing the game of corporate policy and procedure to win
Oct. 2011   Human nature gives us good reason to be afraid of the dark
Sept. 2011   Compassion, forgiveness, gratitude are keys to winning race
Aug. 2011   Conquering the fear factor: a business leader's responsibility
June 2011   Forum connects business success tot he pursuit of happiness
April 2011   Session seeks ethical balance of short-term, long-term focus
Mar. 2011   Ignorance may be bliss, but it's certainly not ethical and has big risks
Feb. 2011   Is your corporate duty of care and loyalty a duty to exploit?
Dec. 2010   Nazareth Interdisciplinary Institute for professional Ethics learns of Wegmans' culture
Nov. 2010   Money can't buy happiness, but happiness can buy money
Oct. 2010   Business professionals get an ethical edge with training
Aug. 2010   Finding a blueprint for making sound ethical decisions
July 2010   Making a point of asking and answering the obvious questions
June 2010   Nazareth College Forum asks, 'Why aren't corporations more ethical?'
May 2010   Saving the company comes at a cost, ethics center reports
April 2010   Ethical leadership and the art of getting mules to gallop
Mar. 2010   It takes more than good intentions to be an ethical leader
Feb. 2010   Executives: Get out of the pro shop and onto the range
Nov. 2009   How to prevent your office from becoming 'The Office'
Oct. 2009   It's an age-old question: Can business ethics be taught?
Sept. 2009   Business ethics - oxymoron or a means to business success?
Aug. 2009   Compliance lessons from the dawn of human history
June 2009   Making an investment in your company's reputation
May 2009    In a complex world, there is rarely just one 'right' solution
April 2009   The regulation paradox, fraud triangle and honor system
Mar. 2009   The three essential elements of strong ethical leadership
Feb. 2009   Sticks, carrots and resources for ethics and compliance
Jan. 2009   A recipe for a code that's m'mm m'mm good
Dec. 2008   Defense of a much-maligned but excellent man of business
Nov. 2008   In the workplace environment, does love conquer all?
Oct. 2008   Compliance and ethics programs: Do I really need one?
Sept. 2008   A talk with Michael Hoffman-a business ethics pioneer
Aug. 2008   Pressure to conform

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