The ETHIE Award recognizes businesses and organizations that are doing the right thing. The crystal statuette presented to ETHIE recipients symbolizes both the navigator’s and the architect’s compasses, the roots of ethics in the ancient world, strong ethical foundations, aspirations to high standards of business conduct, and the multifaceted nature of ethics in our daily lives.

Each September, the Rochester business community gathers at the annual ETHIE Award Ceremony, where finalists and recipients are celebrated and rewarded for their high standards of ethics.

At the ceremony, company leaders celebrate with their valued team members and business partners, each person fulfilling an important role in their company’s business ethics culture. It is the culmination of a valuable process in which area companies have thoroughly explored and detailed their business ethics policies and practices.

Ethics Pays! Here’s how:

Whether the goal is to receive an ETHIE or to continually identify better ways to do business and add value to your company, completing the ETHIE entry process is company-building experience.

A landmark Harvard Business School study of 207 large firms over an 11-year period showed that a strong corporate and ethical culture:

  • Increased revenues by 400%
  • Increased the workforce by 800%
  • Increased the stock price by 1200%
  • Increased net income by 7500%

Consider this: what will your customers, vendors and potential new hires think about your company when they learn that you were an ETHIE finalist or recipient?

I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. ~ Maya Angelou

Entering The ETHIE Arena

The Entry form and its process are free yet invaluable tools for Rochester businesses. Completing an ETHIE entry form defines and documents your company's ethics policies and becomes a concise statement about the ethics culture at your company. Plus, the exercise of completing an ETHIE entry engages all employees in improving your corporate culture.

This knowledge about your company is a powerful asset in your relationships with vendors, suppliers, professional advisors, customers, clients, and potential merger and acquisition candidates. A completed ETHIE entry form also has a positive impact on employee recruitment, retention and morale!


The ETHIE Process – When it’s ethics, you have to be meticulous!

An independent panel of judges carefully and impartially analyzes the completed entry forms to determine the finalists. Finalists then undergo a site visit made by a member of our judging committee.

The judging criteria are thorough and detailed, and our judges treat the process and their role in it with considerable care…and ethics!

That’s why the ETHIE is a coveted award, RABEF’s way of promoting and supporting the creation of ethical business cultures in our business community.